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Mango Coconut Cream Cake

Mango Coconut Cream Cake with Season Cake


Group Unit
Sweet dough with season cake 1,750
Apricot jam 1,500
Season cake 2,350
Flour 2,200
Sugar 3,950
Egg 3,000
Vegetable oil 2,500
Water 1,750
Filling 1:
Aldia mango 5,000
Filling 2:
Water (*) 600
Coconut 1,500
Sugar 1,750
Rap 150
Egg white 250
Paletta spray neutral 2,000
Coconut 600


* boiling.

Mix coconut flakes with boiling water, add sugar.

Finally add egg white mix for 4 minutes in low speed.

Give a rest of 30 minutes.

Thin out the sweet dough till 1.75mm and cover the base of the trays.

Pre-bake the sweet dough if you prefer a more crispy bottom.

Spread out the apricot jam onto the dough.

Mix all ingredients for 6 mins in low speed with a flat beater.

Pour 1,575g batter into tray of 20*60cm

Pipe the Aldia mango onto the batter and spread out.

Pipe dots of coconut filling onto the batter/fruit.

Oven temperature:

Deck oven 180 °C

Rotation oven 160 °C

Baking time:

Approximately 45 minutes.

After cooling down, cover with Paletta spray and some coconut flakes.

More information

Yields 10 trays, 300 single piece of 9*3,8cm.

Mango Coconut Cream Cake