Hungry for <strong>bakery success?</strong> Hungry for <strong>bakery success?</strong>

Hungry for bakery success?

Keep exploring.

Zeelandia has a long tradition as a reliable partner in the supply of high quality baking ingredients all over the world.  We have a wealth of experience for over 120 years! Zeelandia provides the industry players with key baking ingredients, recipes, applications and partnerships necessary for continued growth. Together with our customers we explore the world of baking. Thinking differently, we strive to find inventive ways to create bakery success. We inspire our customers with new ingredients and better ways to bake, sell and manage businesses within the industry.

Make tasty cookies with your own signature.

With Cookie mix you can prepare and turn over delicious cookies with your own signature; brittle or chewy, large or richly filled or not. Everything is possible!

Season cake 100

A complete mix for the production of cakes with a moist structure and good volume

Providing Solutions.

Zeelandia East Africa Ltd has extensive experience in production of  bread mixes,  confectionery products, release agents and adoption of new technology. Our state of the art test bakery has a reputation of leading innovation and solutions. Our team of bakers are capable of offering technical support and high quality service. This can be offered at our customers' facilities (bakery) or our  Technical Service Centre. In developing our product range, our focus is on convenience, broad applicability, variation and  plenty of scope for creativity. In addition, we design customer and consumer oriented solutions, for specific processes, products, packaging and distribution channels. At Zeelandia East Africa we want to provide customers with tailor-made solutions and breakthrough ideas.

Zeelandia is ready for a <strong>titanium dioxide-free era</strong>
Zeelandia is ready for a titanium dioxide-free era
Zeelandia and <strong>sustainability</strong>
Zeelandia and sustainability
<strong>Food safety</strong> and <strong>quality</strong>
Food safety and quality