The current Zeelandia product assortment consists of a wide range of products. This range consists of: Bread improvers, Bread mixes, Confectionery mixes, Custards, Release agents, Bavaroises and Mousses, Fillings, Toppings, Glazes, Coatings and Icings, Stabilizers, Decorations, Compounds

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Red velvet cake mix

The red velvet cake mix is suitable for cupcakes and layered cakes. It is specially tailored to meet the taste preference of the consumer.

bazz. spray equipment

bazz. is specialized in spraying technology. Together with the Zeelandia range of products we can offer a perfect solutions for every bakery.

Biscamix Choco

Mix for the preparation of all types of chocolate sponge cake & Swiss rolls

Season cake

An innovative mix for the production of cakes with a moist structure

Fruitful Fruit fillings

Bursting with fruit and flavour, our Fruit filling is the ideal filling for a fruity cake or tart

Indian Sponge

It is a mix used for the preparation of eggless sponge cakes


Carlex is a vegetable based oil release agent that also comes in a handy aerosol spray can.

Gamma range

Gamma is internationally known as a brand name for reliable bread improvers for all types of crusty bread and rolls.

Carlex TW 400

Release agent for bread, rolls and confectionery products.

Biscamix Sponge

Mix for the preparation of all types of sponge cake & Swiss rolls

Decor Icing

Ready to use product perfect for the decoration of cakes and other pastries.

Ovam 25

It is a vegetable based oil for the lubrication of dough dividers and bread slicers

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