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Ganache with Scaldis

Recipe 1

Whipped Cream

350 g   Bianca Cremo
700 g   Chilled Water

Recipe 2


2000 g   Scaldis Dark/White
1050 g   Whipped Cream
100 g   Butter
100 g   Glucose Syrup


Scale all ingredients

Mix in all ingredients except Scaldis (Dark/White) in a pan and bring to a boil.

Remove from heat and add the scaldis Dark/White

Mix all ingredients till all the chocolate has melted.

Let it stand and cool

Using a stick blender, blend well and its ready to use

N/B: Can be stored in the fridge at 6ºC and only needs to be rewarmed before use.

          Once on the cake, it is freeze and thaw stable.

Ganache with Scaldis