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Forgotten Fruit Bread



7500g     75%      flour

2500g     25%      Multicereal D25

700g         7%       fresh yeast(*)

200g         2%       salt

5500g     55%       water

50g         0.5%       Gamma 500

300g          3%       sugar

300 g         3%       margarine


1000g      10%       dates

1000g      10%.      figs

1000g      10%       cranberry(**)

1500g       15%     raisins

* Or instant yeast 1/3 of fresh yeast

** soaked


Mix the ingredients to a well developed dough
Mix in the filling directly
Dough temperature 26ºc
Scaling weight 450grams
Intermediate proof 30 minutes
Mould and place in the special wooden moulds.
Final proof 60 minutes
Before baking dust slighlty with rye flour and cut lengthwise.

Baking temperature 200ºc.

Baking time 35 minutes.

Yields 67 pieces.

Forgotten Fruit Bread