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Carrot Cake


Group Weight / Volume
Season cake 1000g
Flour 1100g
Brown sugar 1100g
Oil(*) 750g
Egg 1250g
Water 200g
Mixed spices 35g



Carrots              1250g

Pineapples         750g

Cashewnuts       500g


* Or you can use melted margarine/butter for a flat appearance.


Mix the ingredients for 4-6 minutes at low speed with a flat beater.

For the filling, shred the carrot and mix with the thinly sliced pineapple and broken cashewnuts.

Mix in the filling in the last minute carefully till a homogeneous batter is attained.

Fill 500g batter in a baking tin with a diameter of 20cm.

Baking temperature:

Deck oven 180ºC

Rotation oven 160ºC

Baking time: 45- 50 minutes. 

Carrot Cake with Season Cake mix