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Cake on Stick Vanilla

Cake on Stick Vanilla with Season Cake


Group Unit
Cakemix season 15 500g
Flour 500g
Sugar 825g
Egg 650g
Vegetable oil 550g
Water 375g
Vanilla flavor 20g
Dip Neutral 1200g
Scaldis Dark 68g



Mix the ingredients 3 minutes at medium speed with a flat beater.

Spray the cake on stick form with Carlex spray and put in the sticks.

Fill the form with 50 g batter and bake on a perforated baking sheet.

Baking temperature:

Deck oven 190°C

Rotation oven 170°C

Baking time 25 minutes

Cool down completely and remove the cake from the form.

Coat with Dip Neutral and decorate with thin stripes of Scaldis Dark.

Yields 68 pieces.

Cake on Stick Vanilla