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Blueberry Milk Cap

Drink fresh, taste fruit


For the Milk cap

500 g                Bianca Cremo

  50 g                 Sugar

    5 g                 Rose sea salt

200 g                 Milk

For the Milk cap

• Place the cream, sugar in the stand mixer

• Add the ground sea salt.

• Start to whip.

• Whip it until completely whipped.

• Add the milk and mix well.

• The milk cap should be a thickly liquid.

For the Blueberry Milk cap

   15 g                Fruitful blueberry filling 1

200 g                 Ice

  40 g                 Syrup

100 g                 Fruitful blueberry filling 2

  50 g                 Milk

  40 g                 Cream cheese

4 pieces            Fresh blueberry

2 pieces            Borage

For the Blueberry Milk cap

• Ice with Blueberry filling 2 in the blender.

• Add syrup and milk.

• Start to mix all the ingredients together.

• Blend the blueberry filling 1, then spread it on the glass wall for decoration.

• Pour the mixture into the glass.

• Place the milk cap on the top and decorate with fresh blueberry, starflower.

Blueberry Milk Cap