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Season cake

An innovative mix for the production of cakes with a moist structure

How to use


Season cake 15%                               1050g

Flour                                                      850g

Sugar                                                   1500g

Egg                                                      1000g

Oil                                                        1000g

Water                                                    750g


Mix the ingredients 3 minutes at second speed with a flat beater.

Fill the cake form in tray with 325g batter.

Baking temperature:

  • Deck oven 180°C
  • Rotation oven 160°C
  • Baking time 50 minutes.

Yields 19 pieces.

Various applications with filling:

  • Mix in 20% frozen berries 
  • Mix in 20% raisins.
  • Mix in 1.5% cocoa and 1% extra water.

Various applications with flavors:

  • Mix in 0.3 - 0.5% flavor

Various applications with decoration:

  • Pipe 50 - 70g fruit filling onto batter.
  • Sprinkle 20 - 50g crumble dough onto the batter.


Product Weight / Volume Code
Season Cake 15kg FG00010

More information

Season cake is an innovative mix for the production of cakes with a moist structure, long shelf life and an extreme good volume.
This cake mix can help you to give it your own identity because there are no flavors added to the mix.
It is a multipurpose cake mix and is suitable for the preparation of cakes, sheet cake; with fillings in and on top of the cake.

Season cake