Bread Improvers Bread Improvers


Bread improver that improves colour of the crust, taste and smell of bread.

How to use


Flour                             10 kg                 100%

Salt                               180 g                  1.8%

Instant yeast                100 g                     1%

Gamma 500                   50 g                  0.5%

Zedoplus                      200 g                     2%

Sugar                            200 g                     2%

Water*                         5.6 kg                   56%


*water amount depends on the flour quality.

Mix the ingredients to a well developed dough.

Dough temperature 25-26°C.

Scale to desired weight and round up.

Intermediate proof 30 minutes.

Mold into desired shape.

Final proof 60 minutes at 75% R.H. and 35°C.

Baking time and temperature 30 minutes at 240°C.


Product Weight / Volume Code
Zedoplus 25kg 4468279

More information

It comes in powder form and has a neutral taste.

Bakers reduces the amount of fat by 50% and sugar by 2%.
It improves the freshness, softness and taste of the bread.

It extends the shelf life of bread.



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