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Gamma range

Gamma is internationally known as a brand name for reliable bread improvers for all types of crusty bread and rolls.

How to use


Wheat flour                     10 kg                     100% 

Instant yeast                   100 g                         1%   

Salt                                  180 g                      1.8%

Water(approx)               5.6 kg                       56% 

Gamma 500                     50 g                       0.5%


Mix the ingredients to a well developed dough.

Dough temperature 25-26°C.
Scaling weight 1700 grams (30 pieces).
First proof 15 minutes.

Divide and mould the pieces in desired shape.
Final proof 70 minutes.

Bake with steam. Baking temperature 230°C.
Baking time 20 minutes.

Yield 284 rolls


Product Weight / Volume
Gamma 500 25kg
Gamma 500 2kg
Gamma 200 25kg

More information

Zeelandia has developed the MXI technology to improve the performance of the Gamma bread improvers even more. MXI stands for Maximum Improver technology.

It was developed with specific regard to the enzymes used in Zeelandia's Gamma range. The action of each of these enzymes is different and very specific: while one enzyme effects the development of the dough for example, another enzyme may influence the volume of the dough.

This innovation gives the Gamma range a big advantage over traditional bread improvers. Gamma with MXI Technology offers the baker a high level of certainty with a wide variety of production processes: from manual to automated production. 

Gamma range