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Multicereal D25

It is a mix for the preparation of multicereal bread

How to use


Flour                                      7.5 kg               75%

Multicereal D25                    2.5 kg               25%

Salt                                    0.180 kg              1.8%

Instant yeast                     0.120 kg              1.2%

Gamma 500                      0.050 kg              0.5%

Water*                                      6 kg               60%


* water percentage depends on flour quality

Mix the ingredients to a well developed dough.

Dough temperature 26ºC.

Intermediate proof 25 minutes. Scaling weight 450 g.

Divide and mold into desired shape and decorate the dough.

Place in greased baking tins or trays.

Final proof 45 minutes at 75% relative humidity and 35ºC.

Baking time 35 to 40 minutes at 230ºC.

Bake with steam.


Product Weight / Volume Code
Multiceral D25 10kg 4452474

More information

The market for multigrain bread has grown considerably in the past few years. This popularity proves that the consumer is looking for more flavour. The real connoisseur therefore chooses tasty, dark multigrain bread, just like you make with Multicereal D25. A premix for preparing dark multigrain bread with an authentic traditional appearance.

Multicereal D25 contains wheat, oats, barley, sunflower seeds, corn, millet, sesame seeds, soya and linseed.

The dough is easy to process into a variation of bread, baguettes and rolls.

Multicereal D25