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The current Zeelandia product assortment consists of a wide range of products. This range consists of: Bread improvers, Bread mixes, Confectionery mixes, Custards, Release agents, Bavaroises and Mousses, Fillings, Toppings, Glazes, Coatings and Icings, Stabilizers, Decorations, Compounds

Bread Improvers

For the improvement of bread volume, baking quality, colour of the crust, crispness, structure, softness of texture, flavour and smell.

Bread Mixes

We provide you with different varieties of bread mixes that are easy to mix, bake and they can also be used as per you own preference.

Cake Mixes

We provide a wide range of products to create attractive & indulgent pastries. Our ingredients guarantee a consistent & high-quality mix.

Decor & Icing

We offer a range of innovative mixes and products to help bakers achieve the right product characteristics and consistency that meets their customers' expectations.


We offer a wide range of high quality toppings and fillings to make your cake irresistible. We use natural flavours and colouring in our product.

Release solutions

At Zeelandia we offer total solutions for all types of release problems experienced in the international bakery market.